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The problem is, when we don't find a logical answer, we settle for a stupid one. Ritual is what happens when we run out of rationale.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Contemplation


"So today no soul will be wronged at all, and you will not be
recompensed except for what you used to do." (Ya-Sin 36:54)

O Allah the Creator of the sky and the earth the Knower of the hidden and the apparent, the Most Kind (and) generous. I promise Thee that I had been all the time giving evidence that there is no God except Thee and Thou art One that has no partner and that Muhammad (blessings of Allah be on him & his progeny) is Thy servant and Thy Prophet. And the Day of Resurrection will definitely come. And there is no doubt about it that the people who are dead and buried, You will give them life once more. And Your taking account is justified, and Paradise is justified, and all the rewards which are promised in Paradise whether they are concerned with eating or drinking & Nikah are all justified and Hell is justified and faith is justified, and faith is as you have made it. Islam is as You have sanctioned according to Shariat, whatever things you have said remain as they are, Quraan-e-Majid remains as You have revealed. and verily You are the Almighty and Justified God and in this world I once more take an oath that Thou, I agree, art the only God, Islam is the religion, Muhammad (Blessing of Allah be on him and his progeny) is the prophet, and Ali is the Imam and the Holy Quran is the Book and Verily Ahlul Bait of your prophet (peace be on them) are the imams. O Allah Thou art my Trust during my hardship; and my Hope during my trouble; and my Reliance for my matters which befall me and You are my Guardian in my bliss; and my God and God of my parents Send blessing on Muhammad and his progeny and do not leave me to my self for twinkling of my eye at any time; and grant me safety in my loneliness; and make for me with Yourself a Pledge on the day I meet you on being raised up.

Today, I saw a death of my neighbor that makes me think that life really can be so hard to lived for. He left a very beloved wife and 5 children. And, how a woman without having experience in financial responsibility can handle all aspect of their life, children's education, daily needs, emergency saving, and all of household equipment.
If it happened to you, how scared are you?
The most thing that can calm me only Allah's promises that I read on Al-Qur'an. Allah will never give a trial to humans if they can't face it. So, it have already answered that people who been given suffers are the people who believed by Allah can pass it. Be strong brothers and sisters. You may cry, you may upset, you may grieve, but you may not lose your hope. When you have no hope, that's the end of your life. Hope that always make human survive till now. Hope that can relief your pain, and hope that can make you open to other humans. Among those hope, you must pray to God, and ask your particular wish that will make your life better, and don't forget to give many dua s to your beloved family that had left you. Hopefully Someday, if your good deed save you in afterlife, may we can meet each other. Amin

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